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 Located in the foothills of Appalachia,  Federal Valley Pheasant Farm has been in business since the fall of  1989. Consisting of approximately 200 acres of creek bottoms and rolling  hills. We strive to have some of the finest pheasant and quail cover in  Southeastern Ohio, including buckwheat, sudan grass, corn, foxtail and  native grasses. 

 Our farm is divided into separate hunting  areas with plenty of room to accommodate up to five hunters each  comfortably. We welcome the use of your dogs as long as it is  controlled. We offer guided hunts with our dogs on a limited basis. Our  guided hunts guarantee you shots at birds. 


Our hunting season starts September 1st and extends thru April 1st. Our dogs are only available from mid October.

We  offer up to six hunts per day, the first three hunts start at 9:00 a.m.  until 12:00 noon and the next three hunts start at 1:00pm until 4:30  p.m. If your group wants a large hunt feel free to ask about hunting all  day.

Reservations are  necessary as far in advance as possible to insure your hunting areas,  especially on weekends and holidays. However feel free to call for  availability if you want a spur of the moment hunt.

If you have any questions or wish to make reservations:

Feel free to call: Brian Hines (740) 448-7423


Meet The Founders


Meet our founders: In  1988 Gene and Roseanna Hines had a vision of creating an enjoyable  close to wild hunting experience. Gene with his lifelong experience and  passion for farming & hunting, was able to create some of the finest  bird cover in the area & produce some of hardest flying pheasants  around. Roseanna with her extensive background in bookkeeping and  friendly country charm was able to market their business concept. The  two of them working tirelessly side by side opened their farm to the  public in the fall of 1989.

When  first opened they were small almost tiny compared to today. After that  first year their business exploded into the full scale hunting operation  it is today. The second year alone they doubled their pheasant  production and added quail to their preserve. Since then they have grown  to the point that you can't even see where that first flight pen was  erected. Everybody on the farm still remembers where it all started  (Gene makes sure to remind us)  and with small farm values still treat  every customer as a friend 




Today: Now  in our second generation of game bird production, we still have some of  the nicest cover available and raise some of the most explosive flight  conditioned birds around.

Hunting Rates


The cost of a typical hunt is:


$70.00 per hunter. this includes your choice of pheasants (3), quail (7), or chukar (4) released.

Additional birds released or bagged are $23.00 each for pheasants, $9.00 each for quail & $14.50 each for chukar.


Dog and handler


We can pair your party up with a dog and handler. We guarantee shots using our dogs.

A dog and handler for a half day hunt is:

Up to five hunters $40.00

We do not add tips to your bill but feel free to show your appreciation. 


Bird Cleaning


Allow us to take the hassle out of preparing you birds for the freezer.

Pheasants -----------$2.50 each

Chukar ----------------$2.00 each

Quail -------------------$1.50 each

If you would just like your birds breasted take .50 cents off.


Dog training special:


September only - using your dogs, we will furnish you with four hen pheasants (or release them for you) for $60.00 per gun.

Minimum of four birds, maximum of eight birds per hunt.


As always Federal Valley Pheasant Farm still supports youth hunters and supplies a reduced rate for them.


Young hunters under 18 years old when hunting with an adult may hunt at a reduced cost with a minimum of two pheasants released.

Pheasants -------$22.50 each

Quail ----------------$8.00 each


Package Hunts:


All day 5 hunters, 48 pheasants, country style lunch, bird cleaning included,

With our dog and handler $1352.00

With your own dog $1277.00

Half day 5 hunters, 25 pheasants, country style lunch, bird cleaning included,

With our dog and handler $735.00

With your own dog $690.00

Have a larger group or want something different give us a call and we will try our best to assist you and your needs.


Birds offered:


 Ringneck Pheasants, Chukar & Bobwhite Quail. All of our birds are flight conditioned, hard flying birds. 

Food and Drink:


 We offer sandwich lunches Thursday thru  Monday, starting October 1st thru the end of March just let us know when  you schedule. If you would like lunch any other day let us know and we  will try to accommodate. If you have a larger party (five or more) we  can provide a full country style meal with all the fixings and or  breakfast just let us know when you make reservations. 

Dog tie outs:


 We have a few dog tie outs available for  you to use thru out the day, however they are on a first come first  serve basis. All tie outs have water bowls with them if you wish to use  them. 

Bird cleaning:


 You can have your birds cleaned and packaged if you wish (fees apply) 

Bird pickup:


 Periodically thru the day somebody will be  around to pickup your birds from you. We will take them back to the  clubhouse for you or we will take them back and clean them for you. 

Did we miss something:


 Is there an accommodation we missed if so  let me know. We can usually pull off any thing that makes your hunt a  better pleasure. We have done most everything from taking an elder to  the field to save walking to letting your group use our clay thrower for  practice. 

European tower shoot:


Our  European hunt can accommodate 10 to 20 hunters. You can schedule on one  of our open dates or if you get together your own group of 10 to 20  hunters you can pick the day of your choice. When you schedule a  European hunt the farm is for your group only. Our European hunt  includes: hard flying pheasants, full lunch, field hunt looking for the  ones that got away, bird cleaning and packaging.

10 bird European Hunt ------- $230.00 per person

15 bird European Hunt ------- $332.00 per person

Due  to the fact that space for our open hunt is limited and we shut down  all other hunts on the day your group schedules, we MAY require a 50%  deposit when you schedule. 

Commonly asked questions


Is Gene still there?

 You better believe it, just wouldn't be  the same without him. Even though he has retired you will still find him  lurking around the farm on most days. He is enjoying his time tinkering  with something, playing with the grand kids, managing deer food plots  or just hanging out in the club house shooting the breeze. He is still  around helping out with just about everything. Some days you can't even  tell he has retired. 

Will I shoot all of my birds?

 Nothing in shooting sports is guaranteed.  We make every effort to assist you any way we can. With our dogs we will  guarantee you shots at birds. We can not guarantee hunting or shooting  ability. 

What if we can't make it on our scheduled date?

 You should call ahead as soon as possible and we can try our best to get you rescheduled.

How large is my hunting area?

 Your hunting area is sufficiently large  enough to accommidate five hunters with ease. We strive to ensure a  quality hunt where nobody will interfer with your hunt. Our farm was  created by an avid hunter that respects solitude in a hunt. 

Do we serve lunch?

 For your conveniance we offer sandwich  lunches Thursday thru Monday, from October 1 thru the end of March. If  you would like lunch any other day of the week let us know and we will  try to accommodate. If you have a large party (five or more) we can  provide a full country style meal with all the fixings and or breakfast  just let us know when you make reservations.

Located just 1.8 miles away:

 Coonskin Crossing is a local gas station with an excellent lunch and  dinner menu. They are very fast with everything from a deli sandwich to a  full meal, they offer a great lunch special. They also have gas and  groceries. Phone (740) 448-2767

If you would rather you can feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy our club house. We do offer beverages.




 As hunting season is upon us, the fine folks of Camp Heritage and the Athens Fish and Game Club  once again bring youth hunters a free pheasant hunt. This hunt is open  to youth hunters only, it is totally free and a great opportunity for youth hunters  to experience upland game bird hunting. The date for this years hunt is  December 14th and 15th. You must be preregistered for this hunting  opportunity. This hunt is conducted on our farm, however it is ran by  Camp Heritage and the Athens Fish and Game Club. Contact and  registration phone number is different than ours you should contact Donita Wilkes at (740)707-4744 


 As  you already know youth hunters are the future of shooting sports in our  nation. Camp Heritage offers youth hunters hands on hunter education and  other fine events such as this one. They operate on limited funds to  bring children of all ages unique hunting and shooting experiences. All  help and donations to them are greatly appreciated, they are a 501c3 non  profit organization, they are operated strictly by volunteers. Where  else can you make a contribution to touch the lives of children who  share the same passion as you. If you would like to donate to Camp Heritage feel free to contact Donita Wilkes at (740)707-4744 or click on the link above.  

The Fourth Annual Gene Classic


From the words of our founder "some of my best dogs were free dogs"  and with the thoughts of one of our long time patrons, we will have a  hunting challenge. Come out and prove your dog on November 10th. Your dog doesn't have to be a registered dog or of any breed  in particular, you can participate with a Yorkie if you so wish.

This  is not a judged event. We will release four Chukar and you will  have 15 minutes to hunt them. The winner will be determined by a points  system based on time, birds bagged and shells used

$20 of each entry will go into a pot and be split 50% first place, 30% 2nd, 20%3rd. Food and beverages will be available all day.

Simplified  rules are listed here, full set of rules will be available the day of event. Because  we are still working out fine details the rules posted the day of the  event are the only rules we will use.

The simplified rules are:

-Any breed of dogs are welcome to compete

-Dogs of any age may compete

-Hunter/hunters may compete multiple dogs in a division

-Each division must be run on same area

-15 minute divisions

-We  will have two divisions pointing and flushing

-Each division will have four birds released

-Winners are determined by points and time of run 

-Points are determined by number of birds taken and shots left over
-Ties are settled with a run off (10 minute heat/2 birds/two shells, scores are calculated the same.)
There is a limited number of space for this event so get registered as early as possible.  You  are welcome to come out and try to take a cancellation spot. When this  hunt is full it will be posted on our Facebook page and it will say so  here as well. 


Third Annual Gene Classic Rules (docx)


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federal valley pheasant farm & hunting preserve

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federal valley pheasant farm & hunting preserve

16171 east kasler creek rd, amesville, OH 45711, us

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